2020 FUND THE POLICE - New York Family Fitness owners Shawn and Katie showing support to Ione police department where they live and Jackson police department where they do business. Thank you for keeping criminals off the street and keeping our family & business safe.


Amador Sheriffs Annual Toy Drive 2020 - NYFF owners, staff, and members donated over $4000 worth of toys to children in need!


2019/2020 Pioneer Elementary School Scholastic Book Project - New York Fitness strongly believes in the importance of reading, education and empowering our youth so 2 years in a row NYF funded this project so every 2nd grader at Pioneer Elementary will receive 1 book a month for the entire school year.

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2019 Rotary Club Fundraiser - New York Fitness raised $3500 for the Dennis Dalton Foundation. That money goes to help the youth of low income families in Amador County participate in sports programs. NYF was honored to be a part of such a great cause.


2019 Sutter Creek Parade of Lights - Reindeer(Martin & Jesse) carry Shawn, Katie, Debbie, Danetta and Ellia through the town!

2019 Ione Homecoming Parade - New York Fitness makes a grand entrance!

2019 5k Color Run - New York Fitness owner & former manager (Shawn & Bryan) volunteered to support the fight against sexual assault.


Amador Sheriffs Annual Toy Drive 2019 - New York Fitness as a community came together to donate over $3000 worth of toys to underpriviledged children in Amador County.


Amador Sheriffs Annual Toy Drive 2018 - New York Fitness owners, staff and members donated over $2000 worth of toys!


Amador Sheriffs Annual Toy Drive 2017 - Shawn & Katie on behalf of New York Fitness donated over $1000 worth of toys and encouraged our members to donate as well! 


Community Service - Living in a small county it's important that we help support each other and do business where we live. New York Fitness owners and staff strongly believe in a community where we come together to help each other. New York Fitness has always and will always keep programs to help youth, mentally/physically disabled and the senior population. Here are a few things that we do to help in Amador County.

The ARC - "The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes." New York Fitness brings their patrons in 2 to 3 times a week and they receive coaching on how to use the equipment by their mentor, this service is provided free of charge to The Arc members.

Charitable Donations - New York Fitness donates to over 20 charities including CA Wildfire Relief Fund, Sacred Hearts Associated, Argonaut Volleyball, Operation Care, Foothill Conservancy, Purple Soldiers Run, Mokelumne River Cleanup, Amador County Veterans, Amador Pregnancy Help Center, Knights of Columbus, Westpoint Community Church, Jackson Fire Department, Top Cop, Pioneer Elementary School, Amador County Historical Society, Butte Fire Benefit, Amador Arts Council, Mokehill Elementary School, Sutter Creek Elementary School, Argonaut Tennis Team, St. Andrew's Church, Amador Community College Foundation and more...