What You Can Do to Keep Calm and Carry On During a Global Crisis: Health and Fitness Tips courtesy of Stephanie Haywood.


Our world is in the grips of a crisis, and New York has become the center of the coronavirus epidemic. This can make it extremely difficult to get outside for a jog, a workout or some fresh air, but there are ways to stay inside and keep yourself healthy. Because taking care of your physical and mental health is even more important during these stressful times, and this guide can be your go-to resource for keeping your body fit and your emotions in check. 


You Can Use Basic Equipment to Create a Home Gym


Gyms have been closed for a while now, so hopefully you’ve adapted with at-home workouts. If not using, these tips to build a basic home gym can help you get started. 


A Home Gym Equipment and Setup Guide


Buying Fitness Equipment Online 


DIY Home Weights 


You Can Use Online Workout Videos to Stay in Shape 


With mandated shutdowns closing fitness studios across the nation, many of the most popular gyms and trainers are turning to online classes to help people maintain their fitness routines.


25 Free Online Workouts You Can Try Right Now 


Yoga Classes via Zoom 


Top Workout Apps of 2020


You Can Use Extra Downtime to Practice Extra Self-Care 


Self-care is always crucial for reducing the effects of stress, which makes these habits even more important as we work through this crisis together. 


Intentional Self-Care for COVID-19


How to Begin a Meditation Practice 


Self-Isolation Self-Care Tips 


You Can Find Ways to Improve Basic Wellness Habits


Staying in shape and sticking to self-care routines can foster strength during times of crisis. But it can also be important to ensure that basic health and well needs are met. 


How to Sleep During a Global Pandemic


Staying Hydrated and Other Stress Prevention Tips 


Healthy Eating and Food Safety Guides 


We all have to do our part to bring a halt to the global COVID-19 epidemic, and you can make a difference by choosing to stay at home. With the health, wellness, and fitness resources above, you can make the time spent indoors more productive and less stressful

Every day we will be posting 1 video to follow along with at home. There will be a mix including resistance training, cardio circuits, stretching routines, and bodyweight upper/lower body circuits. We will get through this together!

Day 1 - Intro/Shoulder Workout

Day 2 - Cardio Circuit

Day 3 - Upper Body Bodyweight

Day 4 - Bicep/Tricep Workout

Day 5 - Glutes/Lower Body

Day 6 - Lower Body Bodyweight

Day 7 - KickBoxing Cardio Circuit

Small Title

Day 8 - Ab Circuit

Day 9 - Full Body Stretch

Day 10 - Shoulder Workout

Day 11 - Upper Body Circuit

Day 12 - Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

Day 13 - Macros/Diet!

Day 14 - Cardio Circuit

Day 15 - Lower Body

Day 16 - Immune Boosting Supplements 

Day 17 - Lower Body

Day 18 - Glutes 

Day 19 - Back/Biceps/Triceps

Day 20 - Ab Circuit

Day 21 - Chest/Biceps

Day 22 - Shoulders

Day 23 - Full Body

Day 24 - Training/Cardio Circuit

Day 25 - Lower Body

Day 26 - Cardio Circuit

Day 27 - Upper Body

Day 28 - Ab Circuit

Day 29 - Ab Circuit

Day 30 - Lower Body

Day 31 - Cardio Kickboxing

Day 32 - Glutes

Day 33 - Upper Body Circuit

Day 34 - Lower Body

Day 35 - Lower Body

Day 36 - Whole Body/Band

Day 37 - Stretch

Day 38 - Lower Body

Day 39 - Plyometrics

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