Front Desk Morning Manager/Aerobics Instructor

Jesse used to coach boot camp for the United States Army. He comes to New York Fitness with a passion for helping others and a love for America.

Front Desk Associate

Lauren loves helping people and loves fitness.

Front Desk Associate

Ryan has been active in sports and fitness from the age of 3 and can't wait to share his knowledge with you!

Front Desk Associate

Mark is an all around nice guy and a great addition to our NYF team.

Front Desk Associate

Rebecca is new to the team and excited to be a part of New York Fitness.

Kids Club Manager

Sally makes sure her kiddos are taken care of and have a great experience while at New York Fitness!

Kids Club Associate

Courtney loves fitness and loves kids. Your children will be happy to spend time with her at Fit Kids Child Care.

Kids Club Associate

Kiddos love KC so much they ask their parents to work out just so they can see her!


Jarrod Landreth - National Academy of Sports Medicine educated with Corrective Exercise Specialist and Yoga TRX Certifications. Educated and expereinced in working with all fitness levels and categories, especially seniors, those with bone and joint injuries and pains, diabetics, and those with heart and blood pressure conditions. Contact Jarrod (209) 768-2122.


Alexis is a certified Starting Strength Coach and ACE Personal Trainer at New York Fitness where she specializes in barbell training. Her focus on compound movements involves integrated training of all the muscles and joints in the body to ensure clients achieve body composition and strength goals. She also has experience coaching clients aged 50+ to properly perform compound barbell movements. She believes that general strength adaptations are critical to improved quality of life and self-preservation. She has helped clients in their 20s reach personal records on the squat, deadlift, and beyond as well as clients in their 80s regain strength, mobility, balance and coordination. Her approach to personal training is comprehensive and tailored to meet individuals’ goals.

Alexis can be reached at Follow her on social media at @wolferstrength.

Aerobics Instructor - Kristi

I love Zumba. Who would have thought exercising could be so much fun? I tried my first class in 2011. I couldn’t believe what a great workout I was getting. I felt like I was just dancing and having a party. I guess that’s why they call it “Exercise in Disguise”. I felt so good and had so much energy after. I became a licensed Zumba instructor in 2012. I’m also licensed to teach Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids and Kids Jr, Zumba Toning, and STRONG by Zumba. Check the schedule and come try it out. You won’t regret it

Aerobics Instructor - Bianca

Bianca, owner of Amador Yoga, completed her training at The Expanding Light in Grass Valley and has been teaching as a Yoga Alliance certified instructor for over five years in Amador County. Bianca strives to lead classes that are for a wide range of ability levels. She likes to keep the mood light and fun. 

When she’s not teaching yoga you can catch her running around with her doggo and best bud Red, scrambling up boulders out on the high-country trails, or catching turns on the winter slopes.

Follow Bianca on Instagram and Facebook for yoga tips and inspiration.

Aerobics Instructor - Michelle

ASFA Certified Water Aerobics Instructor Water aerobics helps increase mobility, balance, and core strength. Have a great time with fun music, while getting a great cardio workout. I love teaching and seeing people increase in strength and confidence, while having a great time.

Aerobics Instructor - Maggie

Dancing has always brought me joy. It’s a time when I can block out everything else that’s going on and just move to the beat. I struggled with my weight since having my first child and never found a workout I could stick with long enough to make a difference. Then one day at the gym I heard this beat coming from the big room. I peaked inside and the room was dark except for all these crazy lights and everyone in the room was smiling. So I joined in. I figured it would t be much of a workout if everyone was smiling but it involves dancing and that’s all that mattered. Before I knew it I was going to classes 4 days a week. The weight was dropping off so fast. Then I missed a week for vacation and when I came back there were people asking where I had gone and happy I was back. I had found my happy place, I found an extended family. Two years later I became certified and 5 years later i’m still spreading that love. My classes exist of all flavors of music, so there is something for everyone. Because I am also a firm believer in strength training I decided a few years back to start incorporating two routines to weights. My goal as an instructor is to make sure everyone that walks onto my dance floor feels welcomed, feels free to move to their limits, feels the stress of their day melt away and leaves with a smile on their face as well as a few calories burned! So come join me on the dance floor won’t you.

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