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Leonard Burns


On paper, New York Fitness is far and away the best choice when it comes to health clubs in Amador County. With a comprehensive free-weight area (including 2 Olympic lifting stations), full lineup of top of the line cardio equipment and resistance machines, indoor basketball, indoor racquetball/handball, Sauna, aerobics room, core/mobility room, spa, and pool, it a clear winner when it comes to amenities. The club is always clean and the machines are constantly being maintained and replaced with newer state of the art equipment. On top of all that and being a 24 hour club, they also offer a childcare service as well, which is huge for parents of young children who still have fitness goals! Normally, this is where a gym ends when it comes to services they offer, and if they did they would still be the best gym in the county, however; this is where it just begins. Both Shawn and Katie (club owners) have dedicated their life to not only helping their members achieve their fitness goals, they also contribute as valuable community members. Sponsoring local athletes and teams, being active in things such as toy drives and other local efforts to improve the quality of life for EVERYONE in the county is on display year round. Offering high quality supplements, help with meal planning, and adjustments in workout routines is just a small service that can also be provided, to round out the full scope of health services provided here. You can also see that because they value each team members, everyone from front desk, maintenance, clerical, and all the trainers make each member feel welcome. I have been in health clubs around the globe, and have yet to see a club offer the full range of services we have right here in my own backyard. Amador county is blessed to not only have this elite health facility, but also having the owners and staff among our community. You would be doing yourself a favor by being a member at this establishment.

Krista Sweet


NYF is more than just an athletic club. It is a community. It is a place to go to improve your health, to be sure, but it is also a place to feel welcomed and valued. Shawn and Katie work tirelessly to create an atmosphere that fits the needs of all of their members, and, as such, you can find people working out next to each other who are all ages and fitness levels, and they all feel welcome and comfortable. You can always count on Shawn to be there, among the members, offering assistance, supporting someone's wellness journey, or working out, leading by example. Moreover, the efforts that Shawn and Katie have made to support the community show that they are not only concerned with running an ever evolving business, but also in being advocates for children in need, local sports programs, and the community at large. During both power outages, they opened their doors to members of Amador and Calaveras counties, who needed a safe place to come to get a warm shower and a respite from the stress of having no power or water. All of the above makes me want to both be a member of New York Fitness and to support them as leaders in our business community.

Valerie Darrow


My husband and I have been going to NYF for a couple of years now. We LOVE this gym. The owners Shawn and Katie Karai are so easy to work with, always there to help us with any questions/help about Nutrition and the Gym itself. They are always attentive to all of their equipment. With a pool, hot tub, racquetball, spin classes, yoga, and so many weights and cardio machines. We highly recommend this gym!!!

Adler Simmons

Sutter Creek

Shawn and Katie have put their all into New York Fitness, and it shows. Fitness has become my passion, and it's an awesome feeling to have such an amazing facility in our small town community. The variety of great equipment speaks for itself, but the sense of community when you walk in is what really sells the place. I urge you to come in and join the family, you won't regret it!

Dave Yonan


My name is Dave Yonan. I've been a resident of Amador for 25 years. My family and I moved here after I retired as a Law Enforcement Officer. I retired due to a Cervical Spine injury during the course of my duties. Prior to my injury I was very active, working out, playing golf, and many other outdoor activities. Because of my injury cervical spine surgery was necessary, which I received approx. 5 years ago. I stopped all my activities due to my surgery, and because of this I gained 30 pounds and was out of shape. I was encouraged by my family to join a local gym in Jackson where I tried to workout with no guidance. I couldn't lose any weight and seemed to be getting nowhere. The Gym went out of business and again I was inactive. A Dr. friend told me about New York Fitness, on 1/29/2018, my life changed. I met the owner Shawn Karai, who showed my around the very impressive gym. He was very personable, and interested in getting back into shape. With his professional advice, He advised me what to do to get back on the road to recovery. I started working out religiously, 6 to 7 days a week and started to feel much better, looking forward to my workout. Since Shawn is a body builder, I asked him what he thinks I should take to get a good pump. He told me what works for him, so I purchased Allmax Impact “Igniter”, and Allmax Impact “Pump”. I also add L-Citrulline Malate along with Apple Cider Vinegar. I immediately felt results. I've lost over 25 pounds maintaining my weight. I have definition in my arms, Like Ive never had before and the veins on my arms stand out like never before. What's best is I get compliments friends, relatives, and strangers, which is a hell of a boost for my ego. This transformation would have never happened if I hadn't met Shawn. People can't believe the way I look, especially at the age of 67 this Christmas. Thanks Shawn for being Authentic and careing

Ashley Finegan


I can't say enough amazing things about this place, or should I say the people?? Over the past 14 years I've been an on again/off again gym goer... and while the past few years have been more of a 'consistent' for me, I've gained soo much awareness as to what keeps me motivated and still excited to workout. And for me the answer is...THE PEOPLE.. I've been able to obtain new and old friends here at New York Fitness, ones who support and encourage me!!! I feel safe and excited every time I walk into that gym, with no judgement and only the best vibes.. Shawn and Katie continue to improve not only the esthetics of the gym, but they keep the energy fun and motivating with an amazing staff,exciting classes, and new improved equipment.. They continue to challenge me to try new things, and to build new perspectives on my goals. Their generosity within the gym also exudes OUT of the gym, where they've donated,supported other businesses, and have volunteered their time throughout our community. Their expertise on fitness, supplementation, and nutrition is phenomenal. Their passion for health and fitness is apparent in the lifestyle they choose... the motivation for bettering yourself is just a few things this gym and the people in it give me!! Any chance you get to try out New York Fitness, do it!!! You won't be disappointed, I promise!!

Travis Gill


Shawn & Katie are amazing people. It's nice to go to a gym with owners who ACTUALLY have passion for the industry. Need proof? Look at their fitness level. They are always more than willing to give advice on nutrition and workouts. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. There facility I'd 24 hours, and staffed 24, making it a very place to train. They have just about any equipment you can imagine, and tons you never been about. Plus rooms for every type of exercise. The sauna and steam room go great with a clean locker room. Plus the facility is always clean. The price for what you get absolutely cannot be beat. This will always be my gym as long as I live in Amador County.

Linda Pinelli-Nafus

Amador City

I have been going to gyms for years both in Amador County and Sacramento County. New York Fitness is by far the best. The facility is clean and neat, the staff are friendly and helpful. Shawn is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and is more than willing to answer your questions. It's a fantastic place to go whether you are in perfect shape, out of shape or just starting on your fitness journey you are made to feel welcome. They have tons of classes for all fitness levels and various schedules to meet your needs. I highly recommend this gym.

Jacob Bailey

Sutter Creek

I have gone to this gym both before and after the current owners (Sean and Katie) purchased it and WOW, what an improvement. In under a year they have lowered the price to $50 for all members, tripled the amount of bodybuilding equipment, introduced new equipment every month, and turned it into a 24 hour gym! Not to mention that the atmosphere is so now much more friendly and personal. I used to just go in, scan my card and begin my workout, but now I always end up chatting with the owners, employees, or other gym members both before and after my workouts. Honestly this is my favorite gym that I have ever been to and easily one of my favorite places in the county.

Sarah Ross

Sutter Creek

This gym works for our family and many of Amador's young families because of their "Fit Kids" program. They provide Unlimited (up to two hours a day M-F) childcare for an additional cost to a membership which allows parents to work out. This is the only gym in the area with this feature. The childcare is available for 2.5 hours in the morning Monday-Friday and 2.5 hours in the evening Monday-Thursday. The childcare staff is amazing and take incredible care of my kids, which allows me to get a workout in. The gym has a beautiful pool, jacuzzi, two racquetball courts, sauna, steam room, locker rooms, loads of weights and cardio equipment and the staff is friendly and takes good care of everything. They have many different types of fitness classes in the morning which fits with their childcare hours. The gym is never over crowded and parking lot is easily accessible. They have wifi as well as tvs near cardio equipment. As long as they keep their childcare program open, and their prices affordable, this is the perfect fit for our family and many other families in our community.

Bryan Farren


This is the best gym around! Started working out at NYF in 2008 when the old owners were running the place, now that Shawn and Katie bought the place it's 1,000,000 times better. Top of the line equipment and great energy throughout the place.

Dustin Esparza


By far the best fitness club in Amador and Calaveras counties. They have any piece of work out and cardio equipment you need to get an amazing workout. It's a clean positive comfortable atmosphere with great helpful staff. The husband and wife owners are body builder and fitness competitor so they know exactly what is needed and it clearly shows. To top it off they carry wide variety of protein's and supplements since there's not many suppliers in the county and also prepped meals that taste great. I've been going since April of this year and love every workout.

Brenna Wade


The best gym in Amador County, hands down! Brand new equipment, pool, sauna, hot tub, what more can you ask for? Shawn and Katie are such kind and caring people. I have been going to this gym every time I come back from school and it never disappoints!

Eugene Thompson


I used to attend New York Fitness several years ago, I recently stopped in, and WOW! The owners Sean and Kate have really made some serious upgrades. Not only on the facility, but the VIBES are amazing! Sean even took the time to help educated me on how to use some of the new equipment, and what exercises to incorporate into my workouts. Him and his wife are very knowledgeable.

Dale Newberry


Katie and Shawn have done an amazing job. They have turned a decent gym, into one of the best gyms I've ever been in, and that's a lot of gyms. They literally have everything, for every fitness goal and fitness level, including the 60 and over club, which I begrudgingly joined a month ago. Katie and Shawn, aren't just “gym owners”, they live the fitness lifestyle, they, along with their staff, are so knowledgeable, in fitness and diet, which will maximize your results, and they are ready to help anyone. Amador County is lucky to have a first rate fitness center like NY fitness.

Jo Farrell

Sutter Creek

So I've reached a milestone that I thought I would share. This is a little long but I'm hoping it helps inspire others that have also struggled with health challenges. Attached are three pictures. The first one was me in August 2018. I was working out with a wonderful trainer at NY Fitness gym, Jesse Thomas La Vielle. His motto is 1% better. And I was feeling stronger with his training, as well as the water aerobics classes with Debbie Fischer Hansen, Michelle Hubbell, and Adam Gottstein. The second picture is from January 2019. I went to the doctor that month and she was a bit concerned with my weight gain and some of my lab numbers. I was too, because you see diabetes runs in the family and I've been pre-diabetic for awhile. Lightbulb on! I decided to go back to Weight Watchers or WW as they refer to it now. I also made a promise to myself that I would commit to all of it (exercise and food management) 100%; no excuses. Fast forward to this month and third picture..... I reached my goal weight and feel better than I have at any decade as an adult! I have so many to thank, my trainers, NY Fitness (Shawn & Katie) and all of their staff, my fellow gym members and my family and friends. I'm 66 years old, have 3 grown children and 5 grandkids. It's my wish to continue on this path and God willing I will be around for those big moments in my grandkids lives. Just know from my story, it's never too late to take a different path in life. I'm so glad I did.

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